15 - 16 August, 2017 | Novotel Sydney Central, Sydney, Australia

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Beyond Digital: How Can Banks Meet Customer Demands

Consumer behaviors and expectations are shifting in ways that are forcing banks to both redefine their priorities and transform their distribution models. To help map and describe these changes, Accenture’s 2017 Financial Services Global Distribution & Marketing Consumer Study gathered the views of more than 32,000 banking customers across 18 markets.
This whitepaper from Accenture provides valuable insights into how customers want to interact with their banks, and where innovation can play its part. One of the clearest conclusions from the research: To re-establish trust with customers and secure their loyalty, banks will need more than just a digital-first approach. As digital offerings mature, banks must define their value proposition to encompass both digital innovation and traditional values to meet their customers’ needs.

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Past Presentations

Ubank Case Study: The New Way of Branding a Digital Bank

In this presentation from Digital Financial Services 2016, Jo Kelly Head of Marketing, Brand and PR at UBank explores the core elements of UBank's digital marketing strategy.

How to Build a Differentiated Omni-Channel Experience for Your Customer

Simon Clarke Manager - Digital Banking & Physical Interactions at Suncorp, looks after Suncorp’s various digital banking & physical channels, which make up the last 60% in the user journey funnel. In this session, he will focus on Suncorp’s core banking replacement project as well as the different streams of work he is currently involved with.
In this presentation from Digital Financial Services 2016, Simon explores:
  • Rolling out a new core banking platform and designing an omni-channel experience framework to capitalise and accelerated on core capability
  • Leveraging and reusing digital capabilities to create one build / multi-render user experiences
  • Infusing lean innovation frameworks to deliver customer propositions at speed
  • Building platforms and culture to enable digital platforms such as banking apps to be updated every 6-8 weeks
  • Lessons learned and redefining how to take digital banking to the next level through customer data, open APIs and experience contextualisation

A View from the Trenches

They say ‘Digital is changing everything’, well that 'everything' has now reached the world of Superannuation. If you think digital transformation will pass your business by, then this presentation my cause you to think again.

In this presentation from Digital Financial Services 2016, Callum Tod General Manager – Digital , Marketing Strategy at HESTA (Trustee of Health Employees Superannuation Trust Australia), explores:

  • Hear how digital and the changing demands of today’s customer has even impacted the world of Super
  • Responding to change is not all about technology and platforms, how do we align executive narrative, resolve bandwidth, structure and entrenched process changes?
  • Not a huge business? Learn how another ‘lean’ organisation got started with their digital transformation journey.


Millenials, mobiles and money: The Forces Reinventing Financial Services

This report is a window into how the enigmatic Generation Y (now the largest demographic group), will transform the financial services industry as employees, customers, investors and policy makers, according to the role these self-styled entrepreneurs want finance to play in their digitally driven lifestyles, business and society.